Earth plan Start-up, SDOG Airdrop

In order to become the cornerstone of value circulation in the new order of the current crypto market, all my token output, except for airdrops to Dogecoin holders, Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk, NASA and SpaceD, are distributed to the community in a decentralized manner, so that more people can hold me and witness the vitality of decentralization.

Mars planMars node-NFT storage and node mining

With the completion of the SDOG Earth project, SDOG has launched the Mars node program. SDOG will cooperate with NASA to launch the node to space and build its own Mars node. The more nodes the better, the safer the ecology of Puppy Coin will be. In conjunction with the Mars node plan, we will launch:
1. NFT storage and exchange: NFTs traded on exchanges can be uploaded to the Mars node for permanent storage according to the degree of rarity and importance.
2. NFT node mining: Users who have SDOG-NFT rocket mining machines will participate in the governance of the NFT exchange, decide which NFTs can be uploaded to the Mars node, and receive SDOG mining rewards.

Space plan Future, space universal currency

Under the leadership of KenLon Musk Project, we can build a completely decentralized network, data never be lost, the network absolutely safe. Trusted nodes can also get incentives for nodes running on the network. Well, by that time, will you call me Marscoin? I will become the universal currency of Mars~

SDOG Token Address: 0x537edd52ebcb9f48ff2f8a28c51fcdb9d6a6e0d4

Airdrop Mechanism

SDOG will airdrop to DOGE holders on centralized exchanges that have been added to the whitelist.

Whitelist exchanges should provide a DOGE address. Small Doge will take snapshots every day and airdrop the corresponding SDOG to the exchange according to the number of DOGEs in the exchange snapshot addresses. Airdrops are carried out each day with 1/1000 distributed, finishing in 1000 days.

Whitelisted exchanges
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Mars Plan Roadmap

Phase 1
Phase 1
SpaceD Limited Sale
Mars Plan Phase 1 will start SpaceD's limited sale. The sale only offers 3000 SpaceD in total and there are several rounds, with 300 SpaceD in the first round. SpaceD can be used to purchase NFT mining rockets, which can be used to mine SDOG in the form of NFT mining.
Phase 2
Phase 2
NFT mining rocket auction
In the Phase 2, we will open the NFT rocket auction. NFT mining rockets have multiple models, and there are restrictions on the number. SpaceD holders can obtain NFT mining rockets through NFT auctions. After the auction is completed, Small Doge will start NFT mining.
Phase 3
Phase 3
Open NFT mining
In the Phase 3, we will start NFT mining. Users can mine by NFT rockets. The mining output rate will be divided into: regular output and variable output. The more active the SDOG transaction volume, the greater the variable output. Users will share the SDOG output of each block based on the NFT rocket hashrate power.
Phase 4
Phase 4
NFT Space Storage
In the Phase 4, we will launch the NFT space storage program and the NFT exchange. In cooperate with NASA, we will launch the node to space and build our own Mars node. Then the rare and important NFT can be uploaded to the Mars node for permanent storage. Users who own the SDOG-NFT Mining rocket will participate in the governance of the NFT exchange and decide which NFTs can be uploaded to the Mars node.
Phase 5
Phase 5
Mars Node Storage Service
In the Phase 5, Promote and develop NFT ecosystem. SDOG's Mars node storage service will be open to more NFT users and NFT exchanges. Any user and NFT exchange can apply for seamless connection with Mars node,to store high-quality NFT on Mars node forever.

Token Mechanism

Total Tokens: 128,756,977,746,000 SDOG SDOG
(1DOGE = 1000 SDOG)
Token Distribution:

5% initial liquidity 5% Vitalik Buterin 5% Elon Musk 35% airdrop 50% mining